Baltimore Ravens: Top 5 Performances of all-time

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Today we look at the best performances the Baltimore Ravens have ever seen. We begin with Jamal Lewis and his 295 yard day against the Cleveland Browns:

It was week two of the 2003 season and the Ravens were hosting the Cleveland Browns. On the first play from scrimmage, Jamal Lewis went all the way for a touchdown. Later in that game Lewis had a 63 yard touchdown run. It was a magical game in which he averaged 9.8 yards per carry. Stopping Lewis with a full head of steam was always a difficult task. On that September day it was an impossibility.

The Ravens offensive line opened huge lanes for Lewis to truck through. They deserve a ton of credit for this game. The Baltimore Ravens won the battle with their divisional foe 33-13. The running of Lewis and the dominant defense were the reasons for the lopsided score. Kyle Boller had just 78 yards and an interception. Jamal Lewis scored two touchdowns, Ed Reed scored and Matt Stover made three field goals.

Lewis didn’t get any help from the passing game. The Browns stacked the tackle box with eight players all day long. It didn’t matter. Lewis couldn’t be stopped.

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