Baltimore Ravens: Preseason Game Balls Vs Miami Dolphins

The Baltimore Ravens traveled to Miami to take on the Dolphins in the 2nd Preseason Game of the 2017 Season.

The Baltimore Ravens were looking to improve on offense in the 2nd game of the Preseason.  It wasn’t easy coming up with players that were dominant enough to get game balls, but these players and this unit stood out to me.

Buck Allen:

Allen was the better back tonight.  It seemed like he was creating space and having more success than Terrance West.

Buck Allen was definitely more explosive in the 1st half as we didn’t get to see him in the 2nd.  He had 40 yards on 10 carries.

Mike Wallace:

Wallace only had two receptions, but they were big ones in the 1st half.  His receptions kept important drives alive for Ryan Mallett.

It doesn’t look like he’s lost a step when it comes to speed because we got to see his speed in action tonight.  Wallace averaged 16.5 yards per catch and had a total of 33 with those two receptions.


Special Teams:

In the 1st half, the Special Teams unit did well enough to keep the Ravens in the game.  I know it’s only preseason, but if this unit can play like this all season, the Ravens might have something special.

Justin Tucker was Justin Tucker.  He was 3/3 on field goals and even recovered a fumble on one of his kickoffs.

Next week is the Third Preseason Game which means the starters will be playing more than a few series.  It’s most likely the last time we see most of the starters until Week One of the Regular Season.

The offense still needs some work because Week One will feature Joe Flacco and the offensive line will be very different.  Hopefully, it won’t take long for Flacco and his receiving corp to get comfortable together.

The good thing is, it’s still early in preseason and the Ravens have plenty of time to get things fixed by the time they face the Cincinnati Bengals.