Good Morning Football Praises Baltimore Ravens Offense

Baltimore Ravens fans are used to the national media skipping them as a point of conversation. The Ravens seldom get the love, but they got the love on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football: 

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 20-0. Terrell Suggs and company dominated Andy Dalton. Dalton threw four interceptions and fumbled away the football as well. It was perhaps the most impressive victory the Ravens have ever had against the Bengals.

While the incredible effort didn’t get ignored, it didn’t seem to be getting the buzz outside of Baltimore that it deserved. Ravens fans quickly had enough of the “What’s wrong with the Bengals” narrative. Rodney Harrison did give the Ravens defense a shout out on NBC’s Football Night in America, but the Ravens weren’t being talked about like front page news for the most part.

Enter Peter Schrager of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. Not only did Schrager praise the Ravens, he did it in the way you least expect. He praised the offense for a 17 play drive in the third quarter, a drive that as he stated “sucked the life out of that stadium.” This was awesome analysis from Schrager, who will probably gain some really loyal fans from Baltimore.

Praising a huge drive:

I’m not just giving Schrager or NFL Network lip service, when I say Good Morning Football  is the best morning talk show on sports television. When the Ravens win 20-0, behind a long list of defensive stats, and you praise the offense, it shows fans that you actually watched the game. That’s why fans watch shows like this, for quality insight.

The Ravens went 81 yards down the field in the drive that Schrager pointed to. The Ravens offense totaled over 150 yards rushing on the day. This is a big deal. The Ravens never committed to the running game last season and it bit them again and again. Secondly the Ravens weren’t expected to do much on offense.

The Ravens were expected to have a bad day on the offensive side of the ball. It wasn’t pretty but they had a long drive that severely hurt the Bengals chances of coming back and helped the defense. Terrance West, Buck Allen and the offensive line came up big when the Ravens need it. Earlier in the game, Jeremy Maclin took a quick pass to the house on an explosive play.

The Bottom Line:

It’s important to note that the Ravens offense is a work in progress. Joe Flacco didn’t play in the preseason and he was rusty. The offensive line had a lot to figure out, losing three players due to a retirement and injuries. The offense didn’t need to look like a finished product. They simply needed to give the fans something to be excited about going forward. The Ravens showed some positive signs on offense and that is something fans should be glad to be talking about.

When you hear praise like this about the offense you realize that the Baltimore Ravens had a total team victory in their first game. When the Ravens get some love on NFL Network, the Ravens Flock should take note with a smile.