Baltimore Ravens: The Offense was quite offensive against the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers visited M&T Bank Stadium in a matchup of AFC Rivals.

The Baltimore Ravens hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in a matchup of 2-1 Teams. Unfortunately, the Ravens offense has been missing all season. We knew the offense was going to struggle, but who knew it was going to be this bad?

It seems like Joe Flacco has no time to get the ball out of his hands. You can definitely tell that the loss of Marshall Yanda has had an impact on the offensive line. The Wide Receivers don’t get any separation and that makes it hard on Flacco.

At a certain point, John Harbaugh needs to take responsibility for this team. Something must be done to fix this offense. If nothing gets fixed fast, then this season will be a disappointment. Yes, injuries impacted the team, but every team suffers injuries. You can keep firing offensive coordinators, but next, it’s going to be John Harbaugh that gets fired. How many times has this team struggled? The Ravens don’t really play well on the road either. It’s like they never make the trip when they go on the road.

Frustration is already starting to show with the Ravens on offense. You can see that Jeremy Maclin had some words for Marty Mornhingweg in the 1st half. The lack of offense will also hinder the defense.

It took until late in the 3rd quarter for the Ravens to score a touchdown. Joe Flacco with the 16-yard touchdown pass that was set up after a 50-yard run by Alex Collins. Hopefully, that ignites the offense, but who knows?

The offense will need to improve if John Harbaugh wants to remain the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. If not, Steve Biscotti will be making some changes.

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