NFL Draft: Biggest offensive busts in Ravens franchise history

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With the draft season right around the corner, perhaps its a good time to look at some of the Ravens biggest offensive busts to learn from past mistakes.

No one likes talking about draft busts. The feeling of regret alone suffocates our thoughts, followed by anger, sadness, etc. However, it is important to talk about misses and busts so that we might learn from our mistakes.

As is with every franchise, the Baltimore Ravens have had their fair share of draft busts. It would be easy to compile a list of the overall busts in franchise history, but what do we learn from that? After all, fans know very well who highlights that list.

Names like Breshad Perriman and Matt Elam represent recent busts, but how can we forget about guys like Kyle Boller and Travis Taylor? We can’t, and honestly we shouldn’t. In fact, we should find a way to embrace these embarrassing misses and see what we did wrong.

It isn’t our job to evaluate players; that’s what the Ravens brass is selected to do. However, it is our job as fans to decide whether or not we can get behind picks. Believe it or not, the front office does care about fan opinion.

Therefore, we must take a look at our draft busts. For this article, we will be strictly sticking to offensive busts, an area where Baltimore struggles most. Grab a box of tissues and be prepared to cry and scream as we dive into the many offensive busts in franchise history.

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