Baltimore Ravens: The Good, Bad & the ugly from 1st 2 signings

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Today we’re going to look at every side of the Baltimore Ravens first two signings. We start with the good:

The Baltimore Ravens are rebuilding their offensive arsenal one piece at a time. Jeremy Maclin remains on the team but that could change with further moves. The purple and black are to ink deals with John Brown and Ryan Grant. Neither player is a superstar, however both players can bring something to the Ravens offense. I think both players are entering an exciting new chapter in their career. In a Q&A with Jacob Camenker of Riggo’s Rag, one thing we learned was that Grant has always had potential he just needed a chance to shine. Here is a bit of what Camenker said about Grant: 

"“I wouldn’t necessarily say Grant had a light come on. It was more so that he was finally given an opportunity to produce. When the team had Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson, and Jordan Reed all on the field together in addition to Jamison Crowder, Grant simply never got an opportunity.”"

It’s hard to think that the Ravens wouldn’t give Grant every chance to shine. They gave him a $29 million deal, so Ozzie Newsome thinks he found a good one. If you look merely on statistics, the move to get Grant looks a little fishy, especially at that price. However Grant, could end up being what Torrey Smith was for the Ravens. Smith was never a number one receiver, he was a speedy number two. It sounds like Grant has that kind of potential. That’s why this is exciting.

Promising Players:

Brown is a good receiver when he’s healthy and his constant injuries cut into his involvement in the Cardinals offense. The Ravens are hoping that talent his talent shows up on the field, because his talent didn’t go anywhere. He is still capable of producing at a high level. He needs to stave off the injury bug and take advantage of his targets. Brown and Grant provide a good deep threat. Maybe the Ravens are going to finally put an end to the dink and dunk offense and have Flacco sling it around like the days of old? Please, let that be the case.

The important thing to remember is that the purple and black needed receivers, not just one good receiver. Signing Allen Robinson would have been a dream come true. Signing Watkins would have been more exciting as well. In the end, the Ravens got two players that can help their offense. The Ravens aren’t done. Whether it comes in the NFL Draft or there are more pickups on the free agent market, moves should be coming to help the offense.