Baltimore Ravens: The Good, Bad & the ugly from 1st 2 signings

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The Ravens swung and missed on a lot of wide receivers. The Ravens had interest in Allen Robinson, but were never really in the running. You can’t tell me that the Ravens didn’t want Sammy Watkins, who got quickly snatched up by the Chiefs. The Ravens wanted Jarvis Landry before all of this started and were unsettled by the cap ramifications. The Ravens were linked to Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson, but neither Seattle Seahwaks free agent even came close to a deal with Newsome and company. When Donte Mocrief seemed like the most viable option he ended up with Jacksonville.

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The Ravens can tell us that this was their plan the whole way, but anybody who buys that tall glass of lies is going to realize they got spoiled milk. They signed two players that they liked, good for them. They started free agency with an unproven receiving group, they left the first day of contract negotiations with an unproven receiving group. Will Brown and Grant improve the Ravens’ offensive situation? Probably, but it’s not like that’s saying an awful lot. The Ravens started on Plan A and ended up on Plan J.

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The Ravens still have work to do and most of that work is needed on the offense. The NFL draft is nearing and free agency is far from over. Stay tuned for all of our coverage to stay in the know.