NFL Mock Draft: Lamar Jackson to the Baltimore Ravens

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Ebony Bird site experts Chris Schisler and Joe Schiller combine to bring you a full first-round mock draft. Chris starts things off with the Cleveland Browns.

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Sam Darnold


Sam Darnold is the most interesting player in this draft because he has been the front runner for the number one overall pick since the Rose Bowl in 2016. The problem is that Darnold had a shaky 2017 season and has proven to be a turnover prone passer. When you balance the obvious concerns with the obvious talent and the elite physical traits, how do you grade Darnold? I tend to be low on Darnold, but the Browns are probably going to take him. The Browns have to get this right. They’re going with the big AFC North kind of quarterback and hoping that going with the presumptive number one pick pays off for them. Darnold had some magical moments at USC. He performed well in clutch situations and when he’s on, it’s fun to watch. The Browns are hoping for the magic to be a little more consistent in the NFL, with this pick.

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