Thoughts on John Harbaugh’s interview on the Rich Eisen Show

John Harbaugh, Ravens. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
John Harbaugh, Ravens. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh sat down and talked to Rich Eisen about his job security and Lamar Jackson, and we’re here to break it down.

The longest tenured Head Coach in the history of the Baltimore Ravens franchise, John Harbaugh appeared on the Rich Eisen Show to talk about all sorts of topics. Obviously, the top question on everyone’s mind was about Harbaugh’s job security. The report was “credible” that Harbaugh was sitting firmly on the hot seat and is currently coaching for his job. Harbaugh responded:

“You go to work every day and the mindset, basically, is not to keep the job, it’s to do the job.”

Obviously, this is exactly the mindset one needs to have in a delicate situation like this. There have been rumblings for quite sometime about John Harbaugh’s place with the Ravens organization. Fans have become impatient and even the front office seems uneasy about his situation.

Moving forward, it appears John Harbaugh simply plans on coaching the same way he has been. Harbaugh has always been a player’s coach and, as far as we know, he still maintains a solid relationship with the locker room.

Another hot-button topic that’s been on the minds of every football fan, analysts, and otherwise has wanted to know: How has Lamar Jackson progressed, and is he going to ever be a good passer?

John Harbaugh, who has been very vocal and extremely supportive of Jackson, had plenty to say to Rich Eisen. Harbaugh started the conversation by saying, “He can throw. We see him in practice every single day.” While this is obvious to most, the media continues to perceive that the Ravens insist on using Jackson entirely as a runner.

So then what about all his Louisville tape? Harbaugh addressed that as well, “He threw pretty darn well at Louisville.” To cap off the conversation, Harbaugh silenced critics with this mic-drop:

“We wouldn’t have taken him if we didn’t think he was that guy.”

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All in all, John Harbaugh conducted himself and the interview as professionally as we would expect him to. Love him or hate him, Harbaugh is certainly a fantastic individual who many cling and attach themselves to. Hopefully, coach Harbaugh can right the ship and get Baltimore back in the playoff hunt. Make sure you check out the above videos provided by The Rich Eisen show for the full interview.