Why the Baltimore Ravens can beat the Los Angeles Chargers

The season comes down to the Baltimore Ravens ability to go into Los Angeles and get the W. Here’s why the Ravens can beat the Chargers:

The Los Angeles Chargers are a tough test for the Baltimore Ravens. That being said, some people are overstating how tough this game is going to be. The Chargers have a good offense and a very good defense, but they aren’t an unstoppable force. They have had back to back wins in which they had to comeback from multiple scores down. They are 11-3 but their win in Kansas City was as improbable as any win this season.

The Chargers have gotten off to slow starts against the Chiefs and the Steelers. They can’t get away with that against the Ravens defense. The Ravens are a team that is built to play from ahead. The purple and black have a great running game, run out a lot of clock and have a fantastic defense. If the Chargers struggle early, Rivers and the Chargers may get themselves into a hole they can’t climb out of.

The Chargers do have the best rushing defense that Lamar Jackson has faced, but the Ravens believe they can run the football against any team in the NFL. The Ravens have to get past a top 10 run defense, but the Ravens offense is predicated upon options.

Jackson’s running ability makes the defense play a guessing game. If it doesn’t open up a lane for Jackson, it opens a chance for Gus Edwards. If the Chargers geek out to stop the run, Jackson can throw the football against a look that is to his advantage. If the Ravens offense finds their groove, and Jackson makes plays, the Chargers defense may not be so stout after all. Stopping the Ravens is stopping an offense unlike anything any other NFL team runs.

Melvin Gordon does make a big difference for their rushing attack, but the Ravens have made offenses one dimensional before. The Ravens have to look at this game the same way they did the game in Pittsburgh, earlier this year.

In a hostile environment, the Ravens took away the Steelers run game, stopped the short passing game and took the Steelers away from what they like to do. Baltimore needs to do the same thing in this game. They need to stop a running back who may not be 100 percent and make Rivers uncomfortable.

The Ravens cornerbacks can play with the Chargers wide receivers. Marlon Humphrey in particular creates a match up problem for Keenan Allen and company. The Ravens defense lives up to the billing. They held the New Orleans Saints to 24 points, and held the Chiefs to under 30. This game could be a back and forth game, the kind of affair that takes years off your life. It could also be a dominant win for the Ravens, where a top defense gives a potent offense their worst day of the season.

If the Ravens come into this game with a good game plan, they have the tools needed to win the game. If the Ravens come ready to play, which you have to imagine won’t be an issue, they could give the Chargers all they can handle and then some. Baltimore can win this game. Now they have to go do it.