Joe Flacco: Where should the Baltimore Ravens trade him to?

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The Baltimore Ravens will forever be thankful for the works of Joe Flacco, but it’s time the team moves on. Where should they look to ship Flacco off to?

Now that the 2018 NFL season has come to a close for the Baltimore Ravens, it’s time we begin moving forward and taking a look towards the 2019 off-season. Where can the Ravens improve the most in order to make their team better? More importantly, who will and will not be a part of the team’s foundation and identity moving forward?

Without question, Lamar Jackson will be the team’s franchise quarterback from here on out, which leaves one man out of the equation: Joe Flacco. Flacco was instrumental in the team’s most recent Super Bowl title back in 2012, winning Super Bowl MVP honors as well as having one of the greatest post-seasons ever for a quarterback. Flacco also hit the lottery with a then-largest contract in NFL history. Of course, Flacco largely burned out and became an above-average quarterback at best.

With Baltimore putting their future in the hands of their 22-year old quarterback Jackson, it begs the question as to what the team will do with Flacco. Joe Flacco’s contract will expire following the 2021 season, and it is completely unlikely that the Ravens would resign him that far down the road. However, it is increasingly unlikely that the team would even retain him for that long, especially with his current price tag.

The possibility of trading Joe Flacco has been a huge conversation topic surrounding the league for quite some time now. With the off-season officially underway for Baltimore, now is a great time to really dive in and access this situation. The Ravens will give Flacco a large say in where he gets traded to, should that be the case, as well he should considering everything he’s done and given Charm City and its football organization.

There are more than a few quarterback needy teams that would be thrilled to acquire Flacco’s services, and we’ve gone ahead and highlighted the five teams that make the most sense. It appears that this will be our final goodbye to Joe Flacco, and we should cherish and relish the memories and accomplishments he gave Baltimore in his time here. So now, here are the five best scenarios for all parties involved to ship off Joe Flacco to this off-season.

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