Back-up quarterback options for Ravens with Joe Flacco trade

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Following the Joe Flacco trade, the Baltimore Ravens are now firmly in the market for a suitable back-up quarterback behind Lamar Jackson.

With Joe Flacco seemingly gone from Baltimore and headed to join the Denver Broncos, the Baltimore Ravens are facing uncertainty at a surprisingly important position for the team: backup quarterback. I know what you’re thinking, “How on earth are backup quarterbacks so important on any team?” Well, when you have a young man as talented and as raw as Lamar Jackson, the position becomes vital to sustained success.

Lamar Jackson needs a proper mentor if he wants to progress into a high-level NFL quarterback. Jackson’s athleticism isn’t enough to turn him into an Pro Bowler. No, what Jackson needs is a wise quarterback who’s been there and done that before. Pro Bowls aren’t a necessity, but wisdom and experience certainly are.

For this list, we’ll keep it nice and short and simply identify the guys who could come in and provide Lamar Jackson with the most support possible. Whether these guys are there for encouragement, continuity, mentoring, or anything else, these three quarterbacks could come into Charm City and immediately contribute to Jackson and the offense on the sidelines.

Side note: It was completely coincidental that **SPOILER ALERT** all three of these guys have played with the Baltimore Ravens at some point in their career. It was entirely unplanned, but it simply worked out that way.

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