Could Marlon Humphrey/Jimmy Smith be Ravens greatest duo?

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The Baltimore Ravens secondary is loaded this season, with Marlon Humphrey & Jimmy Smith playing outside. Could they be the best duo Baltimore’s ever seen?

The Baltimore Ravens have a rich history of solid-to-great cornerbacks. With guys like Lardarius Webb and Samari Rolle being pegged as “above average” players at their position, it should certainly paint a picture of how deep the group is all-time. None have been able to match up to the likes of Chris McAlister and Duane Starks, however.

The two defined the Ravens secondary for quite a few seasons, while putting the fear of God into opposing quarterbacks. With Hall of Fame safety Rod Woodson right behind them, it was hard not to target these ball-hawks for fear of Woodson. McAlister and Starks would always make them pay for this mistake.

No other cornerback in the team’s history has been able to match-up to these two individually, let alone as a duo. That will change in 2019 with the combination of Marlon Humphrey and Jimmy Smith.

Ravens fans are quick to recognize the star-power that these two possess, although the rest of the league hardly notices. That should no longer be the case this season, however, thanks to a  defense that will emphasize its disgustingly good secondary.

The question on our minds now is not about their greatness, but rather how great can they be. Are Humphrey and Smith good enough to dethrone McAlister and Starks? We’ll have to wait and see, but here’s what they’re up against…

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