Should Baltimore Ravens be interested in Melvin Gordon?

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Melvin Gordon of the LA Chargers is asking for a new contract before the 2019 season or a trade. Should the Baltimore Ravens take interest in the situation?

It’s not often that a Pro Bowl caliber player like Melvin Gordon has an opportunity to see a new team before the season starts. However, that could be a reality for the Los Angeles Chargers and the 26-year old running back.

If this were to come to fruition, how should the Baltimore Ravens approach the situation? Better yet, should the Ravens have legitimate interest in acquiring Melvin Gordon?

It’s a tough question to ask. Sure, the simple answer is yes, but there’s more to this question than meets the eye.

For starters, the Baltimore Ravens are more than set in their backfield. Between Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards, the run-game has a fantastic one-two punch. After them is an intriguing case of what to do with Kenneth Dixon, and rookie running back Justice Hill.

Baltimore could keep all four of these guys and have the best backfield in the game. Still, adding Melvin Gordon would be a very appealing addition to the team. In fact, it could push this offense over the top, even without elite pass catchers outside.

A crazy claim, sure, but Gordon is explosive, a touchdown machine, and a major threat in the passing game. After a pitiful rookie season, Gordon has scored 38 touchdowns over the last three seasons, including 10 as a receiver. His 9.3 YPR is outstanding, as is his production across the board. Any team would love to add that to their team, but the question is…

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