Lost in Baltimore Ravens loss was Marlon Humphrey’s dominance

The Baltimore Ravens dropped an embarrassing game vs. the Cleveland Browns, and lost in that was the dominant performance turned in by Marlon Humphrey.

How many NFL cornerbacks can claim to have locked down All-Pro wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. for 60 minutes? Not only this, but to limit him to perhaps the worst performance of his pro-career? Not many, if any at all, can claim this… but you can add it to Marlon Humphrey’s resume.

Humphrey, who is one of the best cornerbacks that no one talks about, has been a star in 2019. After a strong rookie performance in 2017 and an even better 2018, Humphrey looks like a top-tier corner in the league. He’s performed very well in 2019, but his performance vs. the Cleveland Browns was spectacular.

Cleveland’s top receiver in OBJ was limited to just two receptions for 30-yards. Beckham didn’t get his first reception until the fourth quarter and was routinely locked down by Marlon Humphrey. His frustration boiled over the top and the two eventually got into a fight that resulted in a sucker punch from Beckham and a choke-grab by Humphrey.

While this isn’t to promote fighting by any sense of the imagination (and Humphrey did apologize to Beckham for his role in the conflict), seeing Beckham explode like this has happened just a few times. The common theme is that it always happens when he’s being slowed down by opposing cornerbacks. If you were watching the game, you’d know that Marlon Humphrey was doing that and then some.

The last time we saw Odell Beckham this frustrated was in 2015 when then-Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman got Beckham to actually take dirty shots at the Pro Bowl corner. There were very similar shades of anger and frustration against the Baltimore Ravens and Marlon Humphrey.

The best part is we get to see this potential, budding rivalry twice a year between the twp thanks to the Ravens being in the same division as the Browns! There’s little doubt that another performance like Humphrey had vs. Beckham will get him national attention and the credit he is well overdue for.

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Unfortunately, the Baltimore Ravens 40-25 loss to the Cleveland Browns has entirely overshadowed Marlon Humphrey absolutely phasing Odell Beckham Jr. out of the game. We remain excited to see Humphrey continue his dominance this season and hope that he will get more recognition and press for his play.

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