Baltimore Ravens must keep Greg Roman as offensive coordinator

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) /

Greg Roman has been an important part of the Ravens success in 2019 and they can’t afford to lose him:

The good news for the Baltimore Ravens is that Greg Roman is working wonders for the offense. The bad news is that he is probably putting himself in the running for a head coaching job. Roman is more than deserving of the opportunity. While the Ravens would be happy for him, they don’t want to lose their offensive coordinator.

The reason Roman could be moving up at the end of the year is that his offense is thought of as innovative. He has a reputation as the most creative run game designer in the NFL and that has only been enhanced from his work with the Ravens.

In addition to working wonders with Lamar Jackson, Roman has coached Colin Kaepernick and Tyrod Taylor. Roman may have been the best thing to happen to each of those quarterbacks’ respective careers. He’s creative, experienced and he’s done well with young mobile quarterbacks.

He’s had eight coaching jobs in the NFL and a couple jobs at the high school and collegiate level. The fact that he’s never been a head coach shows you how hard it is to get a head coaching job in the NFL.

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What’s working against Roman is that there is no other team in the NFL with a Lamar Jackson. The Ravens shaped a unique offense around Jackson. That is innovation yet it’s also going against the grain. He will be viewed as a qualified candidate no matter where he goes however he may not be a fit for every opening.

It’s not often that the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator is popular with the fan base. Gary Kubiak was beloved. Marc Trestman and Marty Mornhinweg were mostly despised by the fans. Cam Cameron had his moments, yet his departure was welcomed when it finally came. The perfect fit at offensive coordinator hasn’t been easy for the Ravens to find, so they have to keep Roman.

The Ravens have a lot of youth on this roster and they have a chance to keep building the roster in the next offseason. Nothing however, is more important than keeping Jackson’s development in the right direction. Roman and Jackson are a perfect fit. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, they are locked into place the way they should be.

The most detrimental thing the Ravens could do to their young quarterback is installing a new offense, or having the wrong person trying to keep Roman’s plan of attack in motion. The offense is building momentum. Can you imagine what would happen if Roman had multiple seasons in Baltimore? The heavy tight end offense and the Jackson centered approach could really make that offensive revolution a reality.

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The Ravens secret weapon is the play-calling of Roman. He knows how to keep defenses guessing while sticking to the core of his plan. If Roman was the play-caller against the Chargers, the Ravens may have won that playoff game. That’s the kind of difference he makes. The Ravens should do what they can to keep him on the coaching staff.