Baltimore Ravens obliterate Cincinnati Bengals: Handing out 3 game balls

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The Baltimore Ravens played an all-around great game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals on the road. That can only mean one thing: time to hand out some game balls.

Marcus Peters:

The Baltimore Ravens seriously traded a backup linebacker and a fifth-round pick for Pro Bowl cornerback Marcus Peters. Yikes, Los Angeles (Rams), y’all got fleeced there. Don’t worry, Eric DeCosta has been doing that all season long.

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But back to the point at hand, the Ravens have been getting stellar play out of Peters since acquiring him back in week seven. Peters has two interceptions in that time-span, both taken back for touchdowns. Against the Cincinnati Bengals, Peters house-sat his interception for 89-yards. He simply knew where the ball was going and made a play. No one was catching him:

The game was already 21-3 at that point, but Peters pick-six seemingly put the final nail in the coffin. By the time Peters had reached the end-zone, any and all faith anyone had in the Bengals was gone; not that there was much there anyways.

The Ravens defense wasn’t at its best in week 10, but Marcus Peters made a huge splash to change the narrative of their overall performance.

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