Baltimore Ravens: Mark Ingram one of best Free Agency signings ever

The Baltimore Ravens have always had a knack for making good offseason moves, but the signing of Mark Ingram is one of the best in franchise history.

Mark Ingram was born to be a Baltimore Raven. He was drafted by the New Orleans Saints back in 2011 and had himself an incredibly successful stint with the team. The team found themselves a gem in Alvin Kamara back in 2017, thus making Ingram expendable. He joined the Baltimore Ravens this offseason, but you would think he’s been here his whole career.

The way that Mark Ingram has so seamlessly fit into the Ravens team as a whole is remarkable. Ingram is a true leader in the locker room with some major swagger to his leadership style. Ingram also plays like a Raven, running hard on every play and getting gritty, tough yards.

The production has been there as well, with 12 touchdowns on the season and nearly1,000 scrimmage yards in 11 games. Most of his damage has come as a runner, making a perfect complement to Lamar Jackson’s electric running style with his no-nonsense, downhill style of running.

To think that Ingram is on a three-year deal worth just $15 million is insane. The impact that Ingram is giving Baltimore is worth top dollar amongst the rest of the league’s best running backs.

When the Ravens were exposed in the playoffs by the Los Angeles Chargers last season, the team knew they needed to make an addition to the backfield to compliment Jackson and the offense. To say that Mark Ingram has done that would be an understatement. Because of him, Jackson is seeing more opportunity as a runner and passer and it’s opened up the offense into one of the NFL’s best units.

We can’t underrate Mark Ingram’s leadership. He has a stronghold in the locker room and everybody loves him. I mean, the dude has nicknames for all his teammates!

You can’t say this about many players, but Mark Ingram is an elite teammate. He’s totally bought into everything that the Baltimore Ravens are about, whether it’s the culture or how they’re winning football games, Mark Ingram is all-in.

Simply put, the production, vibe, and overall impact that Mark Ingram has given the Baltimore Ravens in 2019 is second-to-none. What he’s done for the Ravens cannot be measured in the money he is getting paid and his play is one of the biggest reasons for Baltimore’s high-success this season.