Lamar Jackson might be the MVP. So are his bobbleheads.

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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is the front-runner for NFL MVP and for good reason. But did you know his bobbleheads are great, too?

With Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson being one of the hottest stars in professional sports, it’s no surprise that his officially licensed bobbleheads are among the hottest of any player in any sport. The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was one of the only places that had Lamar Jackson bobbleheads and it’s no surprise that they completely sold out before the holiday shopping season even kicked into full swing.

However, fans that act quick are still able to reserve Lamar’s bobbleheads from the second production run, as not all of them were made initially.

According to the Hall of Fame and Museum’s co-founder, Phil Sklar, “You never know how a player is going to perform, but we were optimistic that Lamar would have a strong second season. However, we didn’t know it was going to be this great or we would have had all of the bobbleheads made right away.”

Lamar’s first bobblehead, which featured the rising star holding up his jersey on Draft night, is available for pre-order for $40 while Lamar’s 2019 NFL Stadium Lights bobblehead is the first featuring the quarterback in his NFL jersey and is available for $35. Although fans won’t receive their bobbleheads until March, ordering now will guarantee that you’ll receive one of the individually numbered collectibles.

According to Sklar, they see a continued trend of bobbleheads increasing in value, especially the earliest bobbleheads of a star player. Once the bobbleheads sell out, they are never produced again and can increase in value significantly, sometimes commanding over 10 times the original cost.

And if you’re the biggest Lamar Jackson or Ravens fan out there, you have to reserve the three-foot tall bobblehead of Jackson, which is also scheduled to arrive in March. The three-foot bobbleheads are $850, which includes shipping, and are typically reserved for the biggest superstars and most popular mascots. A picture of the bobblehead will be coming soon, but it will be similar to the three-foot bobbleheads of other NFL stars.

The officially licensed bobbleheads are produced by FOCO.

2019 Lamar Jackson Stadium Lights Bobblehead ($35)

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Order your 2019 NFL Stadium Lights Bobbleheads before it’s too late. Multiple players are available. They are officially licensed by the team and the NFL.

2018 NFL Draft Day Lamar Jackson Bobblehead ($40)

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Bobblehead HOF /

Order your 2018 NFL Draft Day bobbleheads before it’s too late. These bobbleheads feature some of the top draft picks from the 2018 NFL Draft. They are officially licensed by the team and the NFL.

3-Foot Tall Lamar Jackson Bobblehead ($850) – no image available

These 3 foot tall bobbleheads feature various mascots as well as current and former players and coaches. They are all extremely limited (most to 10 pieces or fewer) and officially licensed by the respective team and league.