Baltimore Ravens beat Buffalo Bills: Handing out 3 game balls

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The Baltimore Ravens were able to eke out a hard-fought victory over the Buffalo Bills. It’s time to hand out some game balls.

The Baltimore Ravens didn’t play their best football vs. the Buffalo Bills, but they managed to get a win, and that’s all that matters. this would end up being a crucial win, too, as the Ravens have now clinched a post-season berth. At 11-2, the Ravens look like the NFL’s best team.

To get to that record, Baltimore has taken down nine-straight opponents, most of whom have been quality teams. Victories over the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Houston Texans, Los Angeles Rams, and San Francisco 49ers have proven that this team is battle-tested and a proven contender. Their win vs. the Bills just adds on to that impressive streak.

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It wasn’t always pretty, but the Ravens did manage to get by on the road vs. Buffalo. The defense put up a fantastic performance while the offense, despite its respectable 24 points scored, looked a little pedestrian at times. This seems like blasphemy to say, but it’s the cold-hard truth.

Baltimore showed some warts vs. Buffalo, but they got the win nonetheless. So, instead of being Negative Nancy it’s time to hand out some game balls to the best performers from the Ravens win.

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