Baltimore Ravens week 16 player spotlight: Marcus Peters

Ravens, Marlon Humphrey, Marcus Peters (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Ravens, Marlon Humphrey, Marcus Peters (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /

The Baltimore Ravens will get their long-awaited rematch against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday and Marcus Peters will be the difference maker.

When the Ravens lost to the Browns 40-25 in Week four many people thought this could be the beginning of the end for the 2019 season. Boy, how wrong were we. Since that Week four match up, the Ravens have gone on a 10 game win streak and now stand with a 12-2 record. The Ravens front office made a lot of moves after the Browns game but none were bigger than the addition of Marcus Peters.

The Ravens traded linebacker Kenny Young and a fifth round pick to the Los Angeles Rams for Peters on October 15th and that might have been the best trade of the 2019 season.

Since joining the Ravens, Peters has snagged three interceptions while returning two of them for touchdowns which is extremely high production. This is good new as the Ravens have to take on Baker Mayfield in Cleveland on Sunday. Mayfield has thrown 17 interceptions this season which is the 3rd most in the NFL behind Jameis Winston (24) and Philip Rivers (18).

Mayfield knows he has to put up points to keep up with this Ravens offense so there’s good reason to believe he’ll try to fit some balls in spots he shouldn’t. Whether it be problems with mental focus or coaching, Mayfield has been way too reckless with the ball this season.

Peters wasn’t on the roster for the first match up with Cleveland but you better believe he’s pumped for the second one. Mayfield and Peters both have similar personalities when it comes to showboating during games so I expect a fiery rivalry to spark between the two.

Mayfield has a weakness when it comes to complex defensive schemes and that’s why Peters will pick him off twice on Sunday. If you need a reminder of Peters’ football IQ than checkout this clip of him baiting Jared Goff into an interception on Monday Night Football.

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If redemption wasn’t enough motivation, the Ravens have a chance to lock up the first seed in the AFC with a win this Sunday so you know the team will be ready to play. The Ravens feel like they still have a lot to prove and winning the AFC North was just the first step. Given what’s on the line, the Ravens need their play makers to shine and that’s why Peters will shine the brightest.