Free Agency: Ranking priority for Baltimore Ravens top free agents

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Before the Baltimore Ravens can begin discussing who to sign in Free Agency, they have to assess who needs to be brought back for 2020.

You can’t bring back everyone in today’s NFL. Teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s never had to worry about Free Agency and could keep Hall of Fame rosters with ease. Time shave changed dramatically since then and Free Agency is one of the biggest parts of every NFL offseason. The Baltimore Ravens are very familiar with this concept, as they’ve seen plenty of talented players come and go through the organization.

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This offseason presents a challenging one for the Ravens, as they have a slew of key pieces to their team scheduled to hit the open market. With a little less than ~$30 million in cap space to play with, the team will have to make some pretty hard decisions as to what to do with their free agents to be.

We’re here to break down the five biggest free agents for the Baltimore Ravens and how they should approach them. For this list, we will be going over the most important unrestricted free agents, so guys like Matt Skura and Gus Edwards will not be included as they are restricted and exclusive rights free agents respectively.

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