Baltimore Ravens: 7 High-profile trade targets this offseason

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Everyone loves big moves in the offseason. The Baltimore Ravens could make one to help put their team over the top. Here are a few options to consider.

The Baltimore Ravens were arguably the best team in the NFL in 2019. Their 14-2 record certainly backs up that claim, but their post-season loss to the Tennessee Titans almost wipes away that argument. Well, that and the Kansas City Chiefs just won the Super Bowl; and not by accident.

Right now, the Ravens have to be looking at themselves in the mirror and wondering what they need to add to their team to take them over-the-top. This team is championship-caliber as it is, so if they added another piece or two they could be heavy-weight favorites to win it all.

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That’s what we’re here to discuss today. If the Baltimore Ravens were to break the bank and trade for a blue-chip player, who would they make a move for? I’m not talking like OK players, either. I mean like perennial Pro Bowl-level guys; guys who would make this team unbeatable.

There’s plenty of guys throughout the league, but how many are even slightly realistic? Baltimore isn’t about to land Aaron Donald, but could they get some other star? It’s not improbable to think so.

Let me put some extra emphasis on this: These are high-profile players; most of whom I’d be shocked to see moved anywhere, let alone Baltimore. So, before you go attack me in the comments just refer back to this statement here. Anyways, let’s get started already!

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