Ranking the Baltimore Ravens 9 elite players

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The offseason is starting to get interesting and the Baltimore Ravens are looking to add talent to their roster. They already have some elite players:

What is an elite player and how many of them do the Baltimore Ravens have? An elite player for this conversation is going to be defined as a player who is without question one of the top players at his position in the entire NFL. The Baltimore Ravens have a handful of players that fall into the elite category. Let’s rank the elite players on the Ravens:

1. Lamar Jackson

This time last year people were wondering if the “Lamar Jackson experiment” would pay off for the purple and black. It turns out that the answer is yes. Jackson was named the NFL’s MVP in his second season. He led the league in touchdown passes. He broke a record for rushing yards by a quarterback. His 2019 highlight reel is insane. Jackson is a superstar and he is elite.

The arguments on social media between who is better, Jackson or Pat Mahomes, are missing the point. The fact that we’re comparing Jackson to the player most people are calling the best quarterback in the league is amazing. Like Mahomes, Jackson is a player that makes other teams worry. He’s a player that defensive coordinators have to devote a lot of time and energy into their game-plans for. Jackson is one of the top quarterbacks in football and he’s only going to get better.

2. Ronnie Stanley

The Ravens need to get an extension with Ronnie Stanley who could be the most important offensive lineman in the entire league at the moment. Stanley is an elite left tackle, which makes him a building block that is crucial to the foundation of the Ravens. Stanley is a player you can just trust. The fact of the matter is that the Ravens don’t have to worry about things much on Jackson’s blind side. Stanley has it under control more often than not.

When you consider how smooth Stanley is in pass protection and how quick he is able to reach his blocks in the run game, it’s incredible. Stanley is listed at 6’6″ and weighs 315 pounds. He’s got some of the best footwork that I have ever seen from an offensive lineman and he’s almost athletic enough to be a tight end. Players like Stanley are incredibly hard to find.

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