Landing spots for Baltimore Ravens top free agents

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The Baltimore Ravens can’t hang on to all their free agents. Here are some potential landing spots for their top free agents hitting the market.

There’s an argument to be made that the Baltimore Ravens have already done their fair share of Free Agency moves through trades and re-signings on their current team. Considering how active the team has been in recent years during Free Agency Frenzy, it’ll be different to see them do more watching this year.

This is especially relevant considering the team has quite a few of their own free agents to attempt to bring back, and with very little cap space to do so.

The Baltimore Ravens are no strangers to losing their own players in Free Agency, both high-profile and otherwise. The 2020 Free Agency period will prove to be a costly one, however, particularly on the defense side of the ball. There are four starters who could be on the move.

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Patrick Onwuasor, Michael Pierce, Jimmy Smith, and Matt Judon were all major contributors to Baltimore last year and losing any one of them would put a large dent in the defense. Heck, there’s a chance that the Ravens could lose all of them.

The biggest name of the bunch, Matt Judon, has been slapped with the franchise tag and will remain with the team for at least the 2020 season. Even with that said, he is a strong candidate to be traded by the team. The Ravens are strapped on cap space and they could opt to ship off the soon to be 28-year old for draft picks to replace him with. We will speculate on Judon’s slide some trade partners for him.

Now that we have all that established, let’s go ahead and start match-making where these guys would fit best.

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