Potential 1st round trade partners for Ravens in 2020 NFL Draft

General manager Eric DeCosta of the Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
General manager Eric DeCosta of the Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

The Baltimore Ravens have a lot of draft capital in the 2020 NFL draft and could trade up. Here are a few teams the team could do business with.

The Baltimore Ravens have the 28th pick in the 2020 NFL draft. After the first round, Baltimore will have two picks in the second, third, and fourth rounds of the NFL draft. With all that draft capital the Ravens could trade up for a top player.

The Ravens made some great moves this offseason, the roster looks about as complete as any team in the NFL as they look towards the 2020 draft. With all the picks Baltimore has in the draft, trading up in the first round of the draft could be a serious possibility. Especially if a player like CeeDee Lamb, Isaiah Simmons, or Javon Kinlaw starts to fall down the draft board. The Ravens have five picks in the top 110 picks in the draft, parting ways with some of those picks to get an immediate impact player is a good strategy. Who are some of the teams that the Ravens could do business with to move up?

The San Francisco 49ers:

The San Francisco 49ers sent shock waves throughout the NFL when they traded away DeForest Buckner to the Colts for the 13th overall pick in the 2020 draft. They now have two picks in the first round, unfortunately, they will not pick again until the fifth round. The 49ers are a loaded team, but would they really stand pat in the first round and not think about trying to add some more picks in the middle of the draft? The Baltimore Ravens could give up a few picks to acquire the 13th pick in the draft and snag a stud player. The 49ers, in turn, would be able to pick some more players that will have more upside than fifth, sixth, and seventh-round picks. Trade partners with the 49ers would make even more sense since the Ravens are in a different conference.

The Miami Dolphins:

The Miami Dolphins are very much in rebuild mode and the more draft picks they have the better the rebuild will be. The Dolphins are rolling into the 2020 draft with a league-high 14 draft picks. Now it might not make that much sense for the Dolphins to acquire more picks, however, half of their 14 picks are in the fifth round or lower. Adding more picks to rounds two and three might be very enticing for the Dolphins, especially since there are holes all over the roster. The Baltimore Ravens would be targeting pick 18 and might not have to give away too much draft capital to get it, making the Dolphins a team that Baltimore can work with. If a stud receiver or pass rusher drops to pick 18, the Ravens should jump at the opportunity to grab that player.

The New York Jets:

The New York Jets are trying to build a team around Sam Darnold and could be tempted to turn their first-round selection, number 11 overall, into more draft picks. The Baltimore Ravens might have to give up a lot to move up into this spot, but the Ravens don’t miss on players when they are selecting this high in the draft. Baltimore also has a strong connection to the Jets general manager, Joe Douglas. He worked with the team for 14-years, so doing business with him should not be too difficult. If the Ravens pull the trigger on this trade, they would be able to jump in front of the Las Vegas Raiders, who hold the next pick and have similar needs that the Ravens have.

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The Baltimore Ravens almost never trade up in the NFL draft, but with all the draft capital they have this year coupled with the lack of holes on the roster, it could be a possibility. If they do trade up, it will be for a can’t miss prospect. I am excited to see what Eric Decosta and his staff will do in the 2020 draft.