Baltimore Ravens well positioned to get 1st round leftovers

Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Baltimore Ravens have the picks to be able to get the first round leftovers in the second round:

There has been a lot of talk about the Baltimore Ravens potentially trading up in the 2020 NFL Draft. It’s not really the Raven way of doing things but Eric DeCosta will have the picks to pull it off.

The 28th pick isn’t exactly where you want to be heading into the NFL Draft. You have to wait too long in the first round. It’s a bit of a wait for the Ravens to see if their guys will fall to them in the second round as well. This is the cost of being 14-2 in the regular season and losing right away in the postseason.

What if trading up is the answer, but not in the first round? What if trading up in the second round is what the Ravens need to do? Baltimore has two second round and two third round selections. This could allow them to trade up near the beginning of the second round to grab a player they had as a first round talent. They have the ability to move up and get round one leftovers.

Every year there is a player who probably should have been taken on the first night of the draft that becomes a star for a team drafting early the next night. Last year it was Deebo Samuel for the San Francisco 49ers. In 2018 the Cleveland Browns landed Nick Chubb while the Indianapolis Colts got Darius Leonard. 2016 saw Jaylon Smith, Hunter Henry, Myles Jack and Chris Jones go early in the second round.

The Ravens are a team close to winning a Super Bowl. They had one of the best rosters last season and it’s going to be even better in the 2020 season. If the Ravens can get two players they value as first round talents, it could lead to a championship. They should take the best player available with the 28th pick, then swoop up into the action early in round two.

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Here’s a good example. Say, the Ravens don’t get their linebacker in the first round. Malik Harrison won’t last until the 55th pick. Trading up to get Harrison early in the second round would make a ton of sense. There’s a ton of hypothetical situation you could run through. The point is that with the pick ammunition the Ravens have, they don’t have to stay put in the second round.

If the Ravens trade back from the 28th spot, which would be a Ravens kind of move, they would have a day to absolutely own the second day of the NFL Draft. Look for the Ravens to be aggressive wrangling in a first rounder that got away. That’s a strong possibility.

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If you want the Ravens to trade up, you may have to wait until the Friday night of the NFL Draft week. It’s one of the more interesting possibilities for DeCosta to maximize the impact of his NFL Draft haul.