Report Card: Baltimore Ravens select J.K. Dobbins and trade 60th pick

The Baltimore Ravens selected J.K. Dobbins with the 55th pick in the NFL Draft. They also traded out of the 60th pick. What should we make out of this:

For all the Baltimore Ravens fans who wanted to add a star at the running back position, you have your guy. J.K. Dobbins is an exceptional player and the Ravens drafted him at an exceptional value. Dobbins is an immediate difference maker and the future of the running backs position. While it may not have been the right pick, the Ravens didn’t get a bad player.

The biggest problem here is that the Ravens made the wrong bet. They needed a wide receiver, Denzel Mims somehow dropped to them and they took Dobbins. If the Ravens took Mims, they would have gotten Dobbins at 60. If DeCosta and company wanted Mims, their plan was backwards.

The New York Jets took Mims with the 60th pick. That tells me the Ravens were looking for Mims there. With Mims off the board, the trade is a really solid deal. Instead of forcing a pick in the second round the Ravens got two extra third round picks. Baltimore gets to have their say in the third round with four picks. The trade gets a solid B. Let’s look at the pick of Dobbins in the grade book here.


RB, Ohio State

B -

The Ravens took the wrong player here in terms of what they needed. They managed to get exceptional value in the pick, and it does offer something to get excited about. I had Dobbins ranked as my 34th best player and the second best running back in this draft. The pick is solid. Dobbins was probably a player they couldn’t pass on in their eyes. The Ravens just got a play-maker. The Chiefs took Clyde Edwards-Helaire with the last pick in the first round. Dobbins offers basically the same skill-set. He’s a great runner with big play potential that can help out as a receiving option. Dobbins is a great fit in Baltimore. He has a chance to be an absolute star. If Mims was off the board it would have made a lot more sense. The Ravens mismanaged this becuase they could have gotten Dobbins at 60. Don’t dislike the player, but the plan was just a bit off.
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The events of the third round will impact how we look at these two moves for the Ravens. In the heat of the moment, the moral of the story is that the Ravens got a good player, at an incredible bargain while they had bigger needs at hand. They got value, so you can’t hate on this pick too much.