32 Prop bets for the 2020 Baltimore Ravens season

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Prop bets are always a fun exercise to see how you would feel about betting your money on. We’ve gone and created a few for the 2020 Baltimore Ravens.

If you’re someone who likes to bet, then this article is for you. Here, we’ve gone and created our very own prop bets for the 2020 edition of the Baltimore Ravens. No, none of these are real, so you won’t find any of these online or in a sportsbook. This is just a fun little article where you can express your confidence in betting without having to worry about losing your month’s rent.

Let’s go ahead and get started with the offense.


Lamar Jackson passing yards: 3,600

Lamar Jackson threw for 3,127-yards in 15 starts in 2019. Jackson was also benched throughout the season for giving the Baltimore Ravens big leads to play with.

Lamar Jackson passing touchdowns: 30.5

Lamar Jackson led the league in touchdown passes (36) in 2019.

Lamar Jackson rushing yards: 950

Lamar Jackson set an NFL record 1,206 rushing yards by a quarterback in 2019.

Lamar Jackson rushing touchdowns: 5.5

Lamar Jackson has 12 career rushing touchdowns including seven in 2019.

Mark Ingram rushing yards: 850

Mark Ingram is averaging 780.6 rushing yards per season and rushed for 1,018-yards in 2019.

Mark Ingram total touchdowns: 10.5

Mark Ingram has scored 70 career touchdowns (7.8 per season) including a career-best 15 in 2019.

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Gus Edwards rushing yards: 650

Gus Edwards has rushed for at least 711 rushing yards in each of his first two seasons.

J.K. Dobbins rushing yards: 750

J.K. Dobbins finished his career with the Ohio State Buckeyes second all-time in rushing yards (4,459-yards) including 2,003-yards in 2019.

Who will lead the Baltimore Ravens in rushing yards?

  • Lamar Jackson (+150)
  • Mark Ingram (+100)
  • J.K. Dobbins (-200)
  • Gus Edwards (-500)

Lamar Jackson led the Baltimore Ravens in rushing yards in 2019 (1,206-yards). Mark Ingram finished second (1,018-yards) followed by Gus Edwards (711-yards). J.K. Dobbins recorded 2,003-yards in his final collegiate season.

Marquise Brown receiving yards: 900

Marquise Brown record 584 receiving yards as a rookie in 14 games (11 starts).

Marquise Brown receiving touchdowns: 7.5

Marquise Brown tied a franchise rookie record with seven touchdown receptions.

Mark Andrews receiving yards: 850

Mark Andrews recorded 852 receiving yards in 15 games in 2019.

Mark Andrews receiving touchdowns: 8.5

Mark Andrews caught an NFL-best 10 touchdowns by a tight end in 2019.

Who will lead the Baltimore Ravens in receptions?

  • Marquise Brown (-100)
  • Mark Andrews (-150)
  • Willie Snead (-300)
  • Devin Duvernay (-500)

Mark Andrews led the team in receptions in 2019 (64), followed by Marquise Brown (46) and then Willie Snead (31). Devin Duvernay led the Texas Longhorns in receptions (106) in 2019, which was third in the country.

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