Baltimore Ravens Q&A: Talking pass rush and wide receivers

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Calais Campbell, Baltimore Ravens

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – JANUARY 26: Calais Campbell #93 of the Jacksonville Jaguars shakes hands with Head Coach John Harbaugh of the AFC after the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl at Camping World Stadium on January 26, 2020 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

It’s time for another Baltimore Ravens Q&A. Ravens fans on Twitter sent me questions, here are the answers:

@harley_nicolas asks: With Brandon Williams, Derek Wolfe and Calais Campbell as the starters on the defensive line, how many more sacks does it add compared to last year?

Answer: A good bit. Even if you don’t go bold when predicting Calais Campbell’s stats, you have to think he adds a lot to this pass rush. In the past three seasons Campbell has put up 31.5 sacks. At minimum he gives the Ravens six sacks and there is a good chance he’ll get double digit sacks. Derek Wolfe has had five seasons with at least five sacks. If Wolfe is healthy he’ll pitch in five to seven sacks.

Williams is a better pass rusher as a nose guard simply because he’s got a direct line to the quarterback. I could see him having three to five sacks this season, a couple of which could come because Wolfe or Campbell force the quarterback into the arms of Williams. The lowest number I could see coming directly from these three players is 14 sacks. The 2019 Ravens got three sacks from their starting defensive linemen last season. In terms of direct from the defensive line sacks, that is a minimum of 11 additional sacks barring injuries.

You also have to figure in a few other things to the guessing game here. How many coverage sacks will there be? How will the defensive line play help the linebackers rushing the passer? How much will guys like Jihad Ward, Justin Madubuike and Justin Ellis bring to the production. Give me an addition five coverage sacks (plays where quarterback has no where to go and the defensive line has extra time to get him). Give me three to five more sacks from Matt Judon just because of the improved play on the defensive line.

So that’s a minimum of 19 added sacks because of the offseason moves to fix the defensive line. That would give the Ravens 56 sacks. The Pittsburgh Steelers led the league in sacks last year with 54; so I’m guessing I am predicting the Ravens will be the best pass rushing team in football.

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