NFL Network has Lamar Jackson encore marathon today

Are you ready for some football? Lamar Jackson is getting the MVP treatment today:

Starting at 1:00 pm today the NFL Network is celebrating Lamar Jackson and his 2019 MVP season. NFL Network will show four Baltimore Ravens games from the 2019 season.

It starts off with the Ravens hosting the New England Patriots. This was one of the most exciting games of the season. The Ravens got off to a fast start and Lamar Jackson completely puzzled Bill Belichick’s defense. A mistake from Cyrus Jones on special teams helped Tom Brady make it more of a game, but Baltimore prevailed convincingly.

At 4:00 pm it’s the 45-6 shellacking of the Los Angeles Rams. In the Monday Night Football game Jackson had five touchdown passes and the Ravens scored a touchdown on every single possession before putting Robert Griffin III in. This was easily the best prime time performance any Ravens player has ever had in the regular season. It was the NFL equivalent of a pitcher’s perfect game.

At 7:00 pm the Ravens battle the San Francisco 49ers in the rain. Spoiler alert, Justin Tucker gives the Ravens the game winning field goal at the end. In the 12 game winning streak, this was the toughest game, other than maybe an overtime win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Against the 49ers, Jackson did just enough to get the win. These were two Super Bowl caliber teams battling in tough conditions.

The finale to the Jackson marathon is the Thursday night game against the New York Jets. That starts at 10:00 pm. Here you get another five touchdown passes from the second unanimous MVP in NFL history.

This is a great thing for Ravens fans trying to make it through the offseason. Setting your DVR is highly recommended.

The Rams game in particular is the most pleasant walk down memory lane. Jackson had 169 passing yards and 95 rushing yards. He only had five incomplete passes and those five touchdowns were a lot of fun. It truly highlighted his unique way of torching NFL defenses.

In addition to some great play from Jackson you also get to celebrate the fun season the entire team had. In this marathon you get two 100 yard rushing performances from Mark Ingram. Against the Patriots, Earl Thomas got an interception and Marlon Humphrey returned a fumble recovery for a touchdown. Marcus Peters getting a pick against the Rams was a very rewarding moment.

There are multiple ways to enjoy this marathon. You can sit down and have an NFL Sunday in late June (an excellent excuse for carryout if you ask me). You can also record the games and save them for when you really just need some Ravens football. Happy Lamar Jackson day!