The Baltimore Ravens are built for a Coronavirus season

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Due to great roster depth at many key positions, the Baltimore Ravens are well-equipped to deal with the effects of the Coronavirus.

Due to Coronavirus, the 2020 NFL season still seems tenuous even as we approach mid-July. Will there be a season at all? If there is a season, will there be new contact rules? Will there be fans in the stands? Will the schedule be shifted around due to travel restrictions? Will rosters suffer major blows if there is an outbreak in the club? While all of these questions are valid and interesting, it’s the last question I’m specifically wondering about at the moment.

Theoretically, if the season goes on as planned, the major concern around the NFL will be roster depth as teams adjust to quarantining key players that test positive for Coronavirus. Luckily for Baltimore football fans, the Ravens are uniquely set up to deal with such an issue better than most, if not all, other teams in the league.

Let’s take a look at pretty much every key position on offense and defense, and evaluate how the Ravens are faring in their depth chart; even with the assumption that the NFL won’t allow for more than the traditional active roster number of spots. We will start on offense.

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