Baltimore Ravens: Miles Boykin rightfully is not focused on the Dez Bryant rumors

Miles Boykin is gearing up for a big season with the Baltimore Ravens ahead and he’s not focused on the team’s interest in Dez Bryant.

Miles Boykin is set to break out for the Ravens with or without Dez Bryant on the roster.

Reports came out this week that former Dallas Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant worked out for the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday.

Bryant has not played in the NFL since 2017, but when healthy, was one of the best receivers in the league from 2012 to 2017. The 6-foot-2 inch, 218-pound receiver is known best for his possession catches and aggressive physicality to make plays.

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Signing Dez Bryant would not be a horrible idea for the Ravens, despite the idea that he is known to have a bit of an ego and has not played since an Achilles tear after his brief stint with the New Orleans Saints in 2018. However, the Ravens should fully be invested into what Miles Boykin can do in his second year as their big receiving target.

Since Bryant and Boykin are similar in stature, it’s easy to assume that Bryant may takeaway from Boykin’s potential breakout year ahead. Boykin’s athleticism, size, and speed though, allow him to make plays on the outside that Dez Bryant will not be able to make at this point in his career.

Miles Boykin was asked about Dez Bryant potentially signing with the Ravens on Friday, and frankly, he did not seem too concerned.

Boykin told ESPN’s Jamison Hensley this:

Miles Boykin’s answer may come off as a little harsh. It’s blunter than a typical, “I would love to play with and compete with anybody,” mindset, but for Boykin, focus on himself is exactly what the Ravens need heading into the season.

When the Ravens drafted Marquise Brown in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, it allowed Boykin to come in a little under the radar as a third-round draft pick. At 6-foot-4, 225-pounds with blazing speed Boykin is set up to be the perfect counterpart to Brown, who will be the Ravens number one receiver this year.

Boykin showed flashes in his rookie year, coming off a very solid senior season at Notre Dame. Going from star wideout on a premier college football team to fourth or fifth option on the NFL’s best rushing offense is a difficult transition though. Boykin was asked to block a lot when he was on the field, which he did a tremendous job of when called on. However, Boykin was limited in the passing game.

Miles Boykin hauled in 13 catches for 198-yards and three touchdowns last season. It’s very reasonable to think Boykin if locked in as he says, can double his statistics from last year, and if he really takes the jump all Ravens fans would like to see, he could triple his rookie season stats.

Boykin’s jump will be a major storyline for the Ravens this season. Teams are certainly going to prepare for Baltimore’s dominant rushing attack, which can give Boykin a path to break out with his physical ability and familiarity with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense.

If the Ravens do end up signing Dez Bryant he will be at best a mentor to Miles Boykin and maybe even a “security blanket,” as Bryant himself said:

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With the youth the Ravens have at the receiver position, it is important to have a veteran presence in the locker room, but Willie Snead is perfectly capable of playing that role. In order for the Ravens passing game to take the next step, they need Miles Boykin to be locked in like he says, ready to have an improved sophomore year as the Ravens’ big man target and second receiver.