NFL Power Rankings — Baltimore Ravens in top-four to start off season

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Ebony Bird’s first NFL Power-Rankings for the 2020 season is here and it sees the Baltimore Ravens start out high among its peers to start.

Making NFL Power Rankings is an exercise in futility. The author is either guessing who would win an imaginary match-up at a neutral site or rewarding teams based on previous performances.

Making NFL Power Rankings before the teams have even taken a snap is absolute fool’s gold. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am that fool. And here comes your gold.

In my estimations, there are four teams who kind of stand out above the others to start things off this season. That statement is made with the understanding that these could end up being the bottom four teams at the end of the 2020 campaign, depending on injuries, locker-room implosions, or just sheer dumb luck. These 1-32 rankings will shift from week to week, as some teams climb and others come crashing down faster than a pandemic-inspired diet.

Let’s get to it.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

This seems to be by design, right? The Jaguars know they are going nowhere fast and have decided to get there even faster. We believe in their inherent stinkiness.

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31. Washington Football Team

I struggled with this because I do like new coach Ron Rivera, and love their defensive line. Unfortunately, it’s not a defensive front and coach competition. It’s a team sport. This team is on the putrid side of things.

30. New York Jets

I do not like their coach. I do not like their skill players or offensive line. I do not trust Gregg Williams’ defenses to play well for more than one season. I don’t like their pass-rushers. Other than that, everything seems great!

29. Carolina Panthers

Look, this team should probably be ranked 33rd or lower if we’re just looking at up-and-down-the-roster talent. But I’m a Temple guy and believe in the powers of Matt Rhule. They will only be the fourth-worst team in the entire league.

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