Baltimore Ravens fall in latest Ebony Bird power rankings

Ravens (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Ravens (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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After a crushing Monday Night Football loss our latest power rankings see the Baltimore Ravens fall and the Kansas City Chiefs solidify the top spot.

Well, the world got to see the top two teams in the NFL square off on Monday night. Well, actually, the world got to see the top team, as the Kansas City Chiefs clearly proved themselves over the Baltimore Ravens to be the best of the best after three weeks of the NFL season. Let’s jump in and see where everybody else lands.

Last week’s rankings are in parenthesis.

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32. New York Jets, 0-3 (32)

They lost to the Colts, 36-7. They could have lost to anybody, by any score, and they would firmly occupy this spot, which might one day be referred to simply as “Number Jets” instead of “32.”

31. Washington Whobajobbits (“Football Team”), 1-2 (30)

They lost to the Browns 34-20, but they did make a game of it for a bit. They just don’t have enough talent on this team yet to really compete, but they are battling.

30. New York Giants, 0-3 (28)

They lost to the 49ers, 36-9, which is no big disgrace. The 49ers were in last year’s Super Bowl, after all. But the 49ers are also missing about 90 percent of their team. That’s a big deal.

29. Cincinnati Bengals, 0-2-1 (27)

Well, they got a tie against the Eagles. That’s kind of progress, right? Did you watch overtime, though? I wanted to poke their offense with a stick to see if it was still alive.