Baltimore Ravens SNF loss is absolutely inexcusable

Ravens (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)
Ravens (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images) /

It was a brutal loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football for the Baltimore Ravens, but there are no good excuses for the outcome.

I mean where do I even start?

On a night where the rain was coming down in sheets and the refs did their best to impact the game, the Baltimore Ravens still looked like a shell of their former selves in front of the whole world to see. It was miserable as a fan, it was upsetting for the team, and it was just plain embarrassing for everyone entirely.

Things looked to be going well to start the game. After a short first drive for the team, Baltimore rebounded on their second opportunity with a Willie Snead touchdown. It seemed like the Ravens were now in the driver’s seat for the rest of the game. Things looked good offensively, it just needed its defense to step up.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

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Baltimore was absolutely trounced vs. the run without Calais Campbell in the game. Things only got worse when it lost Brandon Williams towards to beginning of the game. Damien Harris ran wild on this depleted defense to the tune of 121-yards and 5.5 YPC. Rex Burkhead also turned in over 6.0 YPC and Cam Newton scored his ninth rushing touchdown of the year.

The defense also got cooked on a trick-play from Jakobi Meyers for a 24-yard touchdown pass to Burkhead. Patrick Queen was completely lost on the play and it brought back some harsh memories of the 2014 playoffs.

The Ravens initially responded with a field goal drive, but then Lamar Jackson threw one of the worst interceptions of his career looking for a blanketed Marquise Brown. Speaking of Brown, when was he planning to step up? He sure has been quiet since he got on Twitter to rant about not getting touches. To be fair it’s not just him underperforming right now, but he put the bigger target on his back.

The game seemed to be a tale of two halves for both sides of the ball, however, as the defense came back strong near the end of the game when it mattered most. Unfortunately, the offense started to sputter and couldn’t get down the field. Every time there was a good play it seemingly was erased by head-scratching ones.

It all accumulated into an embarrassing loss to a team they should’ve beaten convincingly. It shouldn’t have happened, plain and simple. The Ravens were beaten thoroughly, so don’t let a six-point loss fool you.

Right now, these Baltimore Ravens are a very hard team to get a read on. Is this a contender or a pretender for a championship? We all knew some regression was coming after such a stellar 2019 season, but this team looks like a completely different team.

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Blame injuries if you want. Blame the refs if you want. Blame the weather if you want, too. At the end of the day, the Baltimore Ravens couldn’t get it done when it mattered most. We’re certainly left with more questions than answers right now and the future looks bleak.