Baltimore Ravens drop in latest power rankings after loss to Patriots

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The Baltimore Ravens drop in our latest NFL power rankings after the New England Patriots debacle… The top hasn’t changed much, meanwhile.

Contested Presidential elections, a global pandemic, and the launch of next-gen gaming systems have gripped the public consciousness recently, but fear not — the NFL is still king. Especially, you know, on sites that write about the NFL.

Week 10 of the 2020 NFL season saw a memorable Hail Mary, a 98-yard touchdown run, and the undefeated Steelers beating the brakes off another Ohio team. Teams are starting to make their moves now on seizing playoff spots and shoring up their positioning. Here’s where we see the teams right now. Last week’s rankings are in parenthesis or you can check them out here.

32. New York Jets, 0-9 (32)

The bye week didn’t hurt their season, obviously, but it did remove them from various punchlines and random cheap shots. Well, for a week. Relax, ladies and gentlemen. The Jets will be back to stinking out loud next week.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars, 1-8 (31)

They gave the Packers a run for their money before, well, you know… the Jaguars. They do appear to have some pieces to hang on to, and an infusion of. A talented young quarterback in the draft could take them to a respectable level. Or, well… the Jaguars.

30. Washington Whatchamacallits, 2-7 (30)

Here’s another team that has some pieces, but would be greatly aided by a talented young quarterback joining the team. In fact, that’s probably a trend at the bottom of these power rankings in general, right? Well, except the Jets. They just stink. Loudly.

29. Dallas Cowboys, 2-7 (29)

Much like the Jets this week, the Cowboys enjoyed their bye week, and a grateful nation celebrated that they did not have to watch this team play football this week. An early draft pick next season, coupled with the hopeful return of Dak Prescott, could make Cowboys strong next year. But not this year. No. No, not this year.

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