Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans: Week 11 Q&A session

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Baltimore Ravens

Oct 18, 2020; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Orlando Brown (78) and offensive guard Patrick Mekari (65) block against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Questions 2 and 3:

@parham_russ asks: In these situations when a team is riddled with injuries there’s always a guy that steps up and cements his position on that team I wonder who it will be this week if anyone?

Answer: I have a feeling that Project Pat Ricard will have an increased snap count on offense. I also think that we’ve already seen Orlando Brown Jr. step up and solidify his spot on the team. While he hasn’t been at Ronnie Stanley‘s level, he’s held his own at left tackle. That’s a big deal. The offensive line is not a place getting a lot of praise, but Brown Jr. has made this a lot better than you probably thought it would be.

There are two players I see helping the defense adjust this week. First is Pernell McPhee, who is basically one of those jack of all trades front seven players. He’s been the best run defender the Ravens have had at outside linebacker this year. This is a game where his ability to do the dirty work upfront is needed.

Secondly, I see Yannick Ngakoue stepping up. If the Ravens get the Titans in spots they have to throw the football, he’s the guy to go get Ryan Tannehill. He’s been getting good pressure, he’s going to start making big plays.

@mwhyche asks: Will calling up Dez Bryant help this offense?

Answer: I don’t see it hurting this offense. It’s not like it’s going to take catches away from anybody. Devin Duvernay and Miles Boykin both have 14 receptions. Willie Snead only has 25. J.K. Dobbins gets less playing time than just about all the pass catchers and the rookie running back has 15 catches this year. Adding Bryant to the rotation on game day doesn’t disrupt some well-oiled machine. It just makes the receiver position more viable.

Of course, this is if Bryant is ready to make a difference. I do think there is a difference between being in shape and being in football shape. The thing is he’s probably been working hard. He knows what it takes. I don’t buy that he’s not ready. I think if you throw it to him 10 times he has six receptions, a respectable amount of yards, and maybe even a touchdown.

Bryant adds some variation to the offense, doesn’t he? He’s a little different and that gives you another kind of option in the passing game. Plus, teams have no way of preparing for Bryant. Do you want to surprise people? Show them Bryant going off for a big game. Who knows what Bryant has left in the tank? We could be getting all worked up over nothing bud, however it doesn’t feel that way.

The one thing that I keep going back to is that the Ravens wouldn’t have brought him on if they didn’t think they needed a player like him. They want more from their wide receivers. They may need a receiver to come in and shake things up. I’ve talked myself on to the Dez train. I think there is only one way to find out what he can provide. They have to let Lamar Jackson throw him the football in a game.

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