Oscar Worthy Drama: Notes on Ravens win on Monday Night Football

Ravens Schedule (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Ravens Schedule (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

That game was something else for the Ravens and the Browns:

Was this Monday night football or was it an Oscar-nominated movie? This game felt very close to a pound for pound heavyweight title bout. Ali vs Foreman like. Both teams combined for 12 touchdowns and looked phenomenal in the run game.

The story of the night was Lamar Jackson doing what reigning MVP’s are expected to do, showing up when your team needs you most. Lamar literally did that with his dramatic return at the two-minute warning.

After being up 34-20, Baltimore seemed to take their foot off the gas. What seemed to be a game that the Ravens would easily run away with, the Browns continued to challenge this Ravens team. As the Browns picked up momentum, the Ravens lost their energy once Lamar went to the locker room after dealing with cramps.

The dramatic turn of events did not only come from Lamar’s absence in the game but it was the effort that the defense displayed. Baker Mayfield was dealing while Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb were having their way with the Baltimore defense.

It was inexcusable to see a team trying to claw their way into a playoff spot display poor tackling and effort. Specifically the defensive backs. In the third-quarter, Tyus Bowser made one of the best defensive plays of the night that lead the Ravens to an easy J.K. Dobbins score. After that drive, the defense lost its edge

Though Marlon Humphrey forced two fumbles in the first quarter, he did not play like himself in the 4th quarter where his team needed him most to make a play. As a player that signed a massive five-year contract extension, it is expected for them to show up in the most crucial moments.

It was evident that Jimmy Smith’s absence was felt. The Browns offense took advantage of Davontae Harris by consistently attacking in his direction. The Ravens have to be able to close games on both sides of the ball to finish this season where the “win or go home” mentality is embedded in their minds.

The Ravens defense should thank Lamar for being Lamar. Hopefully, they can return the favor and bail Lamar out if he is to underperform on their playoff run.

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The purple and black are surely thankful for their electric MVP. He made plays with his legs and delivered the throws that needed to be delivered. The Ravens should be able to use this momentum and finish strong to earn their playoff seed.