Baltimore Ravens fall to Buffalo Bills: 3 tough takeaways

Bills Tre'Davious White breaks up a pass intended for Ravens Mark Andrews.Jg 011620 Bills 5
Bills Tre'Davious White breaks up a pass intended for Ravens Mark Andrews.Jg 011620 Bills 5 /
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Baltimore Ravens
Bills quarterback Josh Allen is forced out of the pocket against the Ravens.Jg 011620 Bills 40 /

3. The blame game is too easy which shows you a larger problem:

The Baltimore Ravens lost this game. The Bills were the better team, and honestly probably are the better team in general. Let’s focus on the Ravens though, let’s focus on what went wrong. The Ravens can blame the entire offensive line. The Ravens can blame their quarterback. The Ravens can blame their pass catchers, basically the entire offense. Even J.K. Dobbins got into the dropped passes fest so we can lump the running backs to this mess.

Greg Roman and John Harbaugh are easy scapegoats, though they didn’t make the necessary adjustments in the game. The only position group I am mildly impressed with was the secondary. I still don’t get how the Bills didn’t have 330 passing yards and four touchdowns the way this game went. Nothing went right for Baltimore. It feels like the playoff game last season, doesn’t it?

The Ravens had too many problems to blame it on a central reason for losing. The sad fact of the matter is that Baltimore is exactly in the same situation they were a year ago. They had a much different season and they had the same kind of result. It’s the same feeling, with a playoff win beforehand that fans can at least hang their hat on.

The Ravens end of the year press conference with the owner, Steve Bisciotti is going to be very interesting. Where do the Raven go from here? They said all the right things after their loss to the Titans last year. They ended up in a strikingly similar spot.

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Assuming we get another year with John Harbaugh (which is a safe assumption) how do the Ravens get past this point? Assuming the Ravens are still all-in on Jackson as their quarterback, how do they keep things moving upward for the offense? It’s easy to make one person the scapegoat. It could be Patrick Mekari, Lamar Jackson, Greg Roman, or John Harbaugh. When the blame game is this easy, you have an offseason with more questions than answers.