Lamar Jackson and one mode offense send Baltimore Ravens packing

Bills A.J. Klein forced Ravens Lamar Jackson out of bounds.Jg 011620 Bills 37
Bills A.J. Klein forced Ravens Lamar Jackson out of bounds.Jg 011620 Bills 37 /

The  Baltimore Ravens one dimensional offense was the reason for the hot late-season run to get into the playoffs and also the reason for being sent home early. The game against the Buffalo Bills was discouraging to watch.

The difference between a good and bad team is always based on the big men on the front lines. The Ravens’ offensive line is why expectations were high for the offense to have performed better than they did. It’s the playoffs! To win in the playoffs, you have to successfully run the ball. That’s what the Ravens do well, they run the ball.

The Bills are not the biggest team on the defensive line which is why it was disappointing to see the Ravens not move their opponents around like ragdolls to open holes for Edwards and Dobbins.

The Bills had the Ravens’ number all night. They shut the run down and forced Lamar Jackson to be uncomfortable by passing the football. It was quite obvious that Jackson needs to get better as a passer. This offseason is crucial for Jackson to improve tremendously in the passing game because teams know what’s coming their way.

Jackson threw his first career red-zone interception at the wrong moment. Marching down into Bills’ territory down 10-3,  the drive turned into a pick-six to put the Bills up 17-3. This loss is one that Jackson has to take accountability for.

The offense needs another dimension:

In a playoff game with the season on the line, Jackson cost his team a win. Jackson missed throws that he could not afford to miss. Though Jackson is young, the hits that he takes from running the ball will soon add mileage to his body.

Staring down his receivers and missing open targets will lead to the same results of being sent home early. Jackson needs to learn to trust his arm as much as he trusts his legs. He must add precise throws to his arsenal so that the balls he delivers are only where his receivers can grab it. It would be great for Jackson if he can add accurate deep passes to his game. Opposing teams will have a tough time defending play action.

If General Manager Eric DeCosta can bring in weapons for Jackson as he did for the defense this past offseason, it would certainly be a difference-maker for Jackson. Maybe DeCosta can find a reliable possession receiver that is a go-to option to pick up the yards on third and long.

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It is as important for Jackson to improve as a passer as well as it is for the organization to get Jackson some help. If we don’t see this come to fruition, the Super Bowl that was promised by Jackson may never be fulfilled.