Ravens report card: Grading Greg Roman’s 2020 season

Greg Roman, Ravens Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Greg Roman, Ravens Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator is kind of like the Defense Against the Dark Arts position at Hogwarts. If you’re not familiar with the Harry Potter reference, it means that the offensive coordinator of the Ravens is always on the hot seat and there have been a lot of people that have filled the job.

There is a faction of the Ravens fanbase that wants to see yet another change at offensive coordinator. This is not about whether the Ravens should or should not keep Roman. Roman is staying so evaluation of his work is the only conversation we can genuinely have,

Once again the Baltimore Ravens led the NFL in rushing. Baltimore put up 3,071 yards on the ground. The numbers were a bit down from their record-breaking 3,296 yards from the 2019 season, though the Ravens were comfortably the top running team in football.

The Ravens had the fewest passing yards in the NFL. It’s worth noting though, that they also had the fewest passing attempts in the NFL. The Ravens were one of four teams in the league under 500 passing attempts on the year.

There’s a lot to break down so let’s get to the grade book for the offensive coordinator of the purple and black:

GREG ROMAN. C +. <h2 class=. Offensive Coordinator. Baltimore Ravens

Putting it all together:

Greg Roman didn’t build off what he started last season. One problem is that the coaching staff thought of this year as a continuation of last year. Things were harder and things didn’t go as smoothly in the 2020 season.

Roman’s grade is held down by the fact that the offense collapsed in the same way in the playoffs and had the same shortcomings as a year ago. Roman wasn’t the only problem Baltimore had though. The team needs a better offensive line and more weapons for their dynamic quarterback.

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He reached the C+ range for a reason. There was a lot to like about what he did. This makes this a hard assessment. The Ravens were by design a run game machine so the passing numbers almost have to be ignored. If Roman could give Baltimore an offense that is this efficient but has the passing game do some more of the lifting, the grade will go up next year.