Ravens 2021 Opponents: The 5 hardest games next season

Ravens (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Ravens (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

In January, the Ravens 2021 opponents were finalized.

Now, you know the Ravens always face divisional opponents twice. Baltimore will also face the entire AFC West and NFC North. The Baltimore Ravens media team said that the other two opponents will be the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts. This is because they both also finished second in their respective divisions.

I won’t add the whole list of games here. It can be viewed through the link above. I want to go over what I believe will be the five hardest games of next season.

Kansas City Chiefs

Well, I have to put the Chiefs here. Lamar Jackson even called the Chiefs the Ravens’ “kryptonite”. He has lost all three games in his career against the Chiefs. For some reason, the Ravens seem to just play terribly against the Kansas City Chiefs.

I do think that next season we will be able to overcome our losing streak against them. It means it really all depends on what we both do in the offseason. According to ESPN, they released their starting left tackle, Eric Fisher, and their starting right tackle, Mitchell Schwartz. The Chiefs are also set to lose their starting center, Austin Reiter.

We all saw in the Super Bowl exactly what happens when your offensive line isn’t playing well. This is even more true against great teams. I believe we are a great team. We should beat the Kansas City Chiefs next year, but they are still our “kryptonite”.

Both Cleveland Browns Games

The years of sweeping the Cleveland Browns every season are probably over. Last season’s week 14 game was one for the ages. But it could have very easily gone the other way. While it did seem like we had their number in week one, winning 38-6, they are a much different team now. Baker Mayfield is has grown into the Browns offense.

The Browns have some cap room to work with. They will also have Odell Beckham Jr. back next season. This team was already getting better. I can’t imagine they are worse next season with a chance at a solid offseason.

Realistically the Ravens will probably split these games with the Browns next season. The Browns are definitely not a team I want on the Ravens 2021 schedule twice!

Green Bay Packers

I don’t have to say much here. It’s Aaron Rodgers. It will always be a difficult game when the opposing QB is a future hall of famer. The Packers were also one game away from the Super Bowl last season.

Depending on how the offseason goes, this game may get potentially easier. The Packers didn’t franchise tag Aaron Jones. And Jamaal Williams is another Packers’ free agent running back. We will have to see how things play out with this one. It’s still Aaron Rodgers and it’s never easy to beat him.

Miami Dolphins

I know when we played the Dolphins in 2019, we completely slaughtered them 59-10. Lamar Jackson threw 5 touchdowns and even RGIII threw a touchdown.

Hear me out though: the Dolphins are a completely different team since then. Brian Flores has really turned them around, especially on defense.

The Miami Dolphins have two first-round picks. According to Over the Cap, they also have around $33 million in cap space. They finished 10-6 last season, very close to the playoffs.

I have a feeling the Miami Dolphins will be a playoff team next year. This game worries me.

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What do you think about these games? Are there any other games on the Ravens 2021 schedule that worry you?