Ravens 2021 Schedule: Rams game should be a good one

As you may already know, NFL owners voted to increase the regular season from 16 to 17 games. This is happening next season. The Ravens 2021 Schedule will have one extra home game against the Los Angeles Rams. I am definitely all for having more Ravens’ games to watch!

For the Ravens, this is basically a rematch of the 2019 blowout, where they beat the Rams 45-6. Now, the Rams have a new quarterback this time around, Matthew Stafford. However, Stafford has an 0-2 record against the Ravens, at least in his time as a Detroit Lion. Plus, the Rams have a 2-5 overall record against the Ravens.

If you combined those two records, it doesn’t really sound like it will make a huge difference. The Ravens should be able to win this game again, but probably not in the same way. In fact, this should be a much better and more competitive game.

In that 2019 game, Lamar Jackson threw five touchdowns and Mark Ingram had one rushing touchdown. But both teams are different now. The Ravens and Rams both made it to the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs last year, but both fell short in that round.

Both the Ravens and the Rams will probably be in the playoff mix next year. This game could end up being a very important one for both teams, which should make it even more interesting. It will be great to see Lamar Jackson vs. Matthew Stafford, but it may be even better to watch a game with two top defenses.

The Ravens defense has had a reputation of being one of the best defenses in the league for years. And the Rams are coming off a season where they had the number one defense in the NFL. They led the league in the lowest number of points allowed per game at 18.5. However, the Ravens came in at a close second with 18.9 allowed per game. It will be interesting to see which defense performs better next year, especially with offseason changes.

Another great matchup will be Kevin Zeitler going up against Aaron Donald, who is a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Though, in his last game against the Ravens, Matt Skura and Patrick Mekari were able to hold Donald in check.

Marcus Peters will also be returning to Los Angeles. Peters was actually traded by the Rams during the 2019 season right when they went to make the trade for Jalen Ramsey. Peters played well in that 2019 game against the Rams, where he had a one-handed interception. I am sure he will have similar emotions in the game next season.

Finally, it will be great to watch two young running backs in a game against one another. J.K. Dobbins and Cam Akers both look to have solid futures in the NFL. They are both expected to take on larger roles next season.

I believe that the Ravens will be able to win this game against the Rams, but again it should be a good one to watch, especially if it is at the end of the season with likely playoff implications. Who knows, this could be a preview of Super Bowl 56.