A few nuggets of reality to chew on as Ravens prepare for 2021 NFL Draft

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With the 2021 NFL Draft just over a week away, we have to remember some important realities when it comes to the Baltimore Ravens strategy.

It’s been said that there are two inescapable realities in the human experience — death and taxes. Of course, there are a few self-styled financial gurus who argue that you don’t really have to pay taxes if you know what you are doing, and there are others who opine that one doesn’t really die if he or she simply elevates one’s self and… umm… wiggles your nose and re-enacts the dance scene in Breakfast Club or something?

I usually stop listening pretty quickly. People tend to bother me.

You can add one more mortal certainty if we’re being both honest and receptive to new ideas. Every year, right around this time, a significant portion of mankind becomes unreasonably ridiculous as the NFL Draft approaches. Oh, you haven’t experienced this for yourself? I encourage you to go visit the social media outlet of your choosing. Go ahead. Anyone will do. I’ll wait.

Back already?

It’s basically a Battle Royale of Ravens fans, bloggers, media members, and general malcontents chasing scalps — berating the opinions and beliefs of one another like they are auditioning to run for Congress. Can you imagine a draft where Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta is able to satisfy all of Ravens faithful? Some of Ravens faithful? One person?

It’s impossible. The Internet has given us all more information than ever before, but, like in most instances, it’s really just enough information to make us think we know more than we actually do. We can “watch the tape.” We can listen to podcasts. We can watch retired players on national platforms pretend to be experts on all 32 teams. We can really educate ourselves. We really can.

But we still don’t know what the people in the Ravens’ front office know. We don’t know the conversations they are having with coaches in the building. Or coaches in other buildings. We don’t exactly know what went wrong in certain areas last year, and what can bring real fixes — personnel, scheme, more coaching, etc.

And, no, I’m not suggesting I know, either. I most likely know a lot less than you.

But I do know a few things. Or at least think I do. So, without further hesitation, let’s get to three truth bombs that all of Ravens faithful need to keep in mind.

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