2021 Baltimore Ravens schedule: Which games deserve to be in primetime?

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Expect to see plenty of primetime appearances on the Baltimore Ravens schedule in 2021 with these few taking the most priority.

Thanks to the NFL’s rigid scheduling formula (which, thanks to this year’s changes, will be slightly less rigid), we already know who the Baltimore Ravens will play in the 2021 NFL season. What we don’t know is when each of those games takes place, and we won’t find that out until the NFL’s official schedule release, which takes place in a televised special on Wednesday (8 p.m. E.T., ESPN2 and NFL Network).

The Ravens schedule will not be an easy one in 2021. In fact, by strength of schedule, they’ll have the second-hardest schedule of any NFL team — their opponents picked up a combined record of 152-118-2 last season. Only the Pittsburgh Steelers will have a tougher road to the Super Bowl.

As one of the NFL’s consistently strongest teams, the Ravens are guaranteed to have at least one appearance in primetime. Last season, the Ravens made five primetime appearances, including two on Sunday Night Football. While we don’t claim to be experts on schedule-making, these matchups offer the most compelling opportunity for primetime drama in 2021.

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