Ravens: 4 potential trade packages for WR Julio Jones

Ravens, Julio Jones Mandatory Credit: John Bazemore/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports
Ravens, Julio Jones Mandatory Credit: John Bazemore/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports /
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Ravens, Julio Jones
Ravens, Julio Jones Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

Ravens trade proposal for Julio Jones No. 2

The Falcons likely won’t receive a straight-up first-rounder in return for Jones, but the two sides could get a little creative and add conditions to up the potential value.

Jones is still very effective when on the field, but his recent injury history is cause for concern. That’s why the Ravens could add a “games played” condition that protects them in case he misses significant time with an injury.

In this hypothetical scenario, the Ravens offer up a conditional 2022 second-rounder that would turn into a first-rounder if Jones suits up for at least 14 (of a possible 17) games in 2021.

If Jones is healthy, the Falcons receive the equivalent of what will likely be a pick toward the end of the first round. And the Ravens get a top-tier receiver who is still going strong at age 32.

The brilliance of this deal comes with that conditional pick. If Jones does miss more than three games, the Ravens at least protect themselves from surrendering a first-round pick.

After all, one of the biggest reasons his trade value has taken a hit is because of his recent injury issues. This protects against that while offering a sizable incentive for both sides.

To sweeten the deal and provide a little more value for Baltimore, the Ravens receive a fifth-round pick from Atlanta to counteract the potential late first or second that they send away.

If Jones stays healthy and lives up to his potential in Baltimore, he’ll be well worth the investment.

Whether Jones is traded to the Ravens or not, don’t be surprised to see a team explore the possibility of a conditional draft choice. It just makes the most sense given his situation.