Ravens: 5 most intriguing games on the 2021 schedule

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4. Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Rams – Week 17

Although seeing Matthew Stafford in a uniform other than the Detroit Lions’ blue and gray is a huge draw, this one is all about Marcus Peters.

In the middle of the 2019 season, with its secondary struggling with injuries, the Baltimore Ravens traded a fifth-round draft pick plus backup linebacker Kenny Young to the Rams for Peters.

While at first the trade seemed counterproductive for the Rams, shortly thereafter they traded two first-round picks for Jalen Ramsey, a player often considered the best corner in football.

Peters was ticked. He still is.

In a recent interview with his ex-teammate Aqib Talib he made that abundantly clear.

"“F— them. I felt disrespected. In the sense of, yeah, you can trade me. That’s part of the business. But two minutes after that, you bring in another guy who do the same s— I do, maybe a little bit different. If we want to play this compare game, I do a little bit more. That s— was disrespectful to me.”"

Last season, when Marcus Peters intercepted Ryan Tannehill to seal the Ravens victory over the Tennessee Titans, he immediately ran over to the Titans midfield logo and began to stomp on it — an act for which the NFL fined him $15,000.

That might be nothing compared to what he’ll do if he picks off Matthew Stafford.