Ravens: Justin Tucker is now the highest-rated player in Madden

Ravens, Justin Tucker (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Ravens, Justin Tucker (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

The NFL world has known for quite some time just how good Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is. But fresh off his record-breaking 66-yard field goal this past Sunday, he might finally be getting the respect he deserves from a certain football video game.

EA Sports announced on Thursday that Tucker would temporarily be elevated to a 99 overall rating on Madden 22 following his NFL-record kick in Week 3.

Tucker was previously an 87 overall which, while the highest among active kickers, was far below what most people believe arguably the greatest kicker in NFL history should have.

Now, it should be noted that Tucker already had 99 kick power and 97 kick accuracy. However, the way that Madden modifies their ratings somewhat handicaps kickers and punters.

Tucker’s 72 awareness rating has been boosted while other modifications have been made to allow his overall rating to be as high as it is.

Only four other kickers have ever received a 99 overall rating from Madden including Adam Vinatieri, Mike Vanderjagt, David Akers, and Morten Andersen.

And you could very easily argue that Tucker is better than each and every one of them.

The Ravens are fortunate to have Justin Tucker

Tucker is the most accurate kicker in NFL history having connected on 90.6 percent of his field goals. He has never had a season with a field-goal percentage below 82.5 percent.

Moreover, he’s made 71 percent of his kicks from over 50 yards out and has never missed a field goal in the final minute of regulation going 16-of-16, including multiple 60-yard attempts.

Tucker is a machine, and he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves from the Madden developers.

It is a little silly that this will only be a temporary change, but that likely says more about the game’s broken rating mechanics than anything else.

The Madden team quite literally had to modify their rating system to allow Tucker to be a 99 overall.

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Nonetheless, Justin Tucker is finally ranked where he should be. Ravens fans can take solace in that fact, even if it’s only for a brief period of time.