Ravens: James Proche deserves a role on offense going forward

Ravens, James Proche (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Ravens, James Proche (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /
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Ravens, James Proche
James Proche, Ravens (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

James Proche is an ideal weapon for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Prior to Week 4, Ben Baldwin of The Athletic created a graph showing quarterbacks’ big-time throw percentage vs. their turnover-worthy play percentage.

While not perfect, as the turnover play percentage factors fumbles too, skewing Jackson’s numbers, his placement on the graph aligns well with what we have seen from his play.

He goes for big plays and takes risks trying to fit the ball into tight windows. This lends itself to needing receivers who can fight for the ball.

While Sammy Watkins has shown a propensity for clutch catches, and Marquise Brown has absolutely produced spectacular ones, the Ravens are lacking guys who regularly win in contested-catch situations.

Proche’s play has earned himself an increased role in the offense, and in Denver, he capitalized on his opportunities, but he is yet to be able to showcase the entirety of his skill set.

Not only has he earned that chance, but his skillset also fits excellently with Jackson’s style of play, and what the Ravens’ receivers are missing.

Proche is equipped to be a downfield threat with excellent contested catch ability — he could absolutely skew some of those risky throws in Baltimore’s favor.

Proche doesn’t have the speed or route running savvy of a Tyler Lockett, but his ability to make plays on the ball at his stature sure is a lot like Lockett.

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Adding a player with that skill set is an opportunity the Ravens should leap at, and is why he should earn even more looks despite the promising unit still ahead of him on the depth chart.